eCampus Cashless Payment Systems

A unified stored Smart card-based cashless solution for libraries, canteens, fees payment, events payment, paid facility payments, transportation payments, and all other financial transactions where students use cashless Smart-card instead of physical cash. We eliminate the need to handle physical cash, long queues thus, improving operational service levels and efficiency. And as an educational institution, you get upfront/advance cash once students/parents top-up the cashless smartcard which helps you to enhance your monthly cash flow.

Why eCampus Solutions?

  • eCampus Cashless all-in-one solution to implement massive project implementation directly.
  • Our State-of-art management system offers a user-friendly, cashless management system that enables fast and efficient operations on campus.
  • A cashless smartcard is a robust solution based on a smart card with saved value to work on multiple payment points at once.
  • Intranet-based solutions for managing multiple closed-circuit payments.
  • Advanced online reporting module with role-based access for all departments such as IT, management, parent portal, finance, marketing, brand counters in Cashiers, etc.
  • Touch screen POS software can reserve multiple item numbers when checking in canteens.

eCampus Products

Access Control Systems for Schools, and Campuses

Meal Management System for Schools and Campuses

Smart Card for Library Payments

AFC Systems for School Buses

Cashless Payment System for Schools and Campuses

How the life of Students, Parents, Educational Institutes & Campuses, School Administrative & Staff is streamlined by

What students can do with it

  • The uniform multifunctional card eliminates the need to carry multiple cards on campus and the risk of card loss. Save time to avoid long queues.
  • The student can choose his or her meal preferences on the web portal.
  • Email/text messages to parents/guardians/students may be available upon request.
  • Smart cards can be used on-campus and offline.​

What parents can do with it?

  • Effective online communication between parents, staff, and reducing campus visits.
  • The availability of transaction history and status in the web portal
  • Better tracking of student engagement, performance, and activities.
  • Monitoring management of your child’s meals.
  • Parents can receive real-time sign-in and sign-out notifications on demand.
  • Daily student spending limit

For school authorities and staff

  • Go Cashless, it saves time and long queues.
  • Quick and easy access to transaction reports
  • Card management and cashless policies are optimized with all relevant information on a click.
  • Follow all the activities of the student cards: staff card, parents, and visitors’ cards.
  • The paperless environment encouraged by Smart cards goes a long way, improving the goodwill of campus.

For educational institutes

  • With automation of essential on-campus services, eCampus management can provide the convenience of serving students, staffs, and parents.
  • Accuracy in all small card assisted transactions is ensured if the element of human error is denied.
  • Management has centralized capabilities to monitor all transactions, making it easy to view every detail and get an analytical report.