eCampus Cashless Payment Systems​

  • eCampus Cashless all-in-one solution to implement massive project implementation directly.
  • Our State-of-art management system offers a user-friendly, cashless management system that enables fast and efficient operations on campus.
  • A cashless smartcard is a robust solution based on a smart card with saved value to work on multiple payment points at once.
  • Advanced online reporting module with role-based access for all departments such as IT, management, parent portal, finance, marketing, brand counters in Cashiers, etc.
  • Touch screen POS software can reserve multiple item numbers when checking in canteens.

Benefits For Students, Parents, Educational Institutes & Campuses, and School Administrative & Staff


The uniform multifunctional card eliminates the need to carry multiple cards on campus and the risk of card loss. Save time to avoid long queues.


Effective online communication between parents, staff, and reducing campus visits.

School Admin & Staff

Go Cashless, it saves time and long queues. The paperless environment encouraged by Smart cards goes a long way, improving the goodwill of campus

Educational Institutes

Management has centralized capabilities to monitor all transactions, making it easy to view every detail and get an analytical report.

Cashless Prepaid Solutions


Single Tap Cashless Prepaid Solution

One-Touch Cashless prepaid solution encompasses payments made with credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards for closed environment setting like a workplace or university. Easy steps to follow:

1. Touch the card and previously saved values are subtracted from the card.
2. The data is transferred to the backend engine and to the SQL database.
3. Reports can be viewed on the web portal.


Standard Cashless Prepaid Solution

In a closed loop standard cashless prepaid solution, the credits are loaded onto the card from the control program, based on a prepaid fee. Procedures to follow to make use of standard cashless prepaid solution:

1. Enter the amount manually on the Cashless Smartcard Reader Terminal.
2. Transactional data will be transferred to the backend engine and SQL DB Cashless Smartcard Reader Terminal.
3. The reports can be viewed on the web portal.


Fully Integrated POS Cashless Solution

Possessing the ability effortlessly blend sales, inventory, staff performance, and customer information into customized reports.

1. Touch Screen-Based Selection of Various items
2. Inventory management of available goods.
3. The data is transferred to the backend engine to the SQL database.
4. Reports can be generated displayed on a web portal.